Junior School Camp Day 2013

P/1/2 Camp Day

Junior School Camp Day

At the start of term 4, the children from Grades Prep, 1 and 2 participated in a fun-filled day of activities at school with their friends. The Grade 1s and 2s stayed into the evening for more activities, a delicious pizza dinner and showed off their best dance moves at the disco. After that, many of the grade 2s, accompanied by their favourite teachers, slept overnight at school. For many it was their first experience of staying away from home. The verdict from everyone ----- IT WAS GREAT !!!    Look at the photos above and read a few of the comments below.


Nikolas:  My favourite thing was the icecream because I was yum and I also liked the pizza and I liked playing duck, duck, goose.


Josh: My favourite activity was building the cubby house because Peter and me built a house right next to Ian’s desk and when we were tired we can read a book and pretend to sleep.


Hayli: My favourite activity was making a mask because we could pretend to be an animal. It was really fun.


Namia: My favourite activity was when I built the cubby houses. Me and my group built the cubby houses together. My group were in the cubby houses with me. It was fun.


Jae: I liked the disco. The disco was good. I liked playing soccer.


Amy T: It was so fun all day. We watched a movie with Ms. Tham and we got a biscuit and we put red, blue and green jelly beans on it and I put 100s and 1000s on too.


Cohen: My best thing at the sleepover was sleeping over at school because I got to sleep next to my friends. My other best thing was icing biscuits with M & Ms and jelly beans and 100s and 1000s. It was yummy. My other best thing was the soccer match. Another best thing was the cubby houses because we got to make a cubby house.


Blue Bani: My favourite activity was making iced biscuits. It was yummy and very good.