Immigration Museum Excursion

3-4 Immigration Museum 2013

The Immigration Museum

On Monday the 5th of August, the grade 3s and 4s went to the Immigration Museum. We went there to learn about other people from different countries who came to Australia.


The first thing we did was have a break for play lunch. Then we had a toilet break, next we went on the bus. When we arrived there we lined up. The teachers put us into groups.


We went inside and sat down, we got a map and a suitcase. We explored. The first thing we went to was the red room. It had a movie about people coming to Australia.


Then, when we finished in the red room, we went to the blue room. We saw a very big ship. It was gigantic. We explored inside the ship. When we finished playing in the big ship, I went to the yellow room. We had a look at all the things and wrote about something we learnt about.


When we went back to school I was exhausted.


By Ryan