AUSLAN is a language used in the deaf community to communicate. The Sunshine Harvester PS education community decided to teach Auslan as a language because

  • A large proportion of our students already have a second language other than English
  • We are an inclusive school and Auslan recognises hearing and verbally impaired people
  • Its supports the learning of English in a hands on way
  • It promotes hand eye coordination and fine motor skills
  • It allows students to communicate with deaf or verbally impaired peers
  • Being a visual language, it uses different parts of the brain which in turn improves cognitive processes

Deaf students attending schools that offer an Auslan program have increased opportunity to expand their networks, potentially increasing their social circle, their resilience and inclusion in the school community.

Second language learners learning Auslan in a school attended by deaf students have a unique opportunity to use their new language on a daily basis in an authentic context, impacting on accessibility and respect for linguistic and cultural differences.


At SHPS, Auslan is taught at all levels by Miss Yvette who has Community Levels 1 & 2 and Certificate 2 in Auslan. Students receive one hour of formal instruction a week and incidentally through other topic areas so that there is an authentic context for their learning.


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