Kitchen Garden Program

Sunshine Harvester Primary School is excited to engage our students in Pleasurable Food Education. In 2018, with support from the Victorian State Government and Brimbank Council we joined over 1000 other schools and learning centres in Australia that are involved in providing pleasurable food education using the resources of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation


In the Kitchen Garden Classroom, we want learners to have a fun, ‘hands-on’ experience gardening, cooking and sharing meals together so that skills and positive food relationships can be adopted for life. Students from Year 4 are involved in growing and harvesting fresh, seasonal, delicious food in the school’s organic garden. The produce is then prepared using menus which show balance and moderation, reflecting the Australian Dietary Guidelines.


In the Garden

  •       Learners gain practical experience in growing different seasonal herbs, vegetables and fruit, maintaining the garden and working as a team.
  •       They learn how to use equipment safely and efficiently, and how to clean up.

In the Kitchen

  •       Learners develop practical skills in preparing and cooking different foods using a range of techniques.
  •       They learn how to use equipment safely and efficiently, and how to clean up.
  •       Learners get a chance to taste a variety of foods and ingredients.

The positive nature of the program gives every child the opportunity to shine and allows students to develop new confidence, skills and independence. They are very proud of the garden and the delicious meals that they create. The program helps children develop an understanding of healthy food choices how they impact directly on both their short and long term health. There are many opportunities to link what is done in the Kitchen Garden Classroom to other areas of the curriculum.



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