Numeracy at Sunshine Harvester Primary School

Numeracy and YuMi Deadly Maths


At Sunshine Harvester Primary School our focus in Numeracy is on ensuring all students obtain the knowledge of place value, number facts and problem solving skills that they need in order to perform daily mathematics. We are committed to teaching a curriculum that provides opportunities for consolidation and enrichment as maths becomes harder through each level of schooling.

All numeracy lessons start with a warm up game or activity to help students practise their number facts, and times tables are played over the loud speaker to reinforce these important concepts. The key focus in every Numeracy lesson is the engagement of students and making connections to real life.

In 2012, Sunshine Harvester Primary School adopted the YuMi Maths program. The YuMi Deadly Mathematics program was developed at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), specifically to cater for the needs of children from indigenous and lower socio-economic backgrounds. The philosophy of the program is to teach mathematics according to the reality of students, not teachers. It uses lots of hands-on activities and links to real life concepts to help maths make sense to children. We are proud to have been nominated by QUT as a YuMi Deadly Maths Centre for Excellence. We have adapted this program to suit the needs of our students, with an emphasis on building understanding of mathematics vocabulary and language.

Each student has a Mathletics account which can be accessed from home, to help students continue to practise skills learnt in the classroom and to share their learning with their families.

In 2017, all staff were involved in a full day professional development workshop with well-known Mathematics Consultant Rob Vingerhoets, showing our high commitment to the development of Numeracy skills in our students. We are currently revising the Numeracy Curriculum in line with the Victorian Curriculum to ensure engagement of students and the guarantee of key mathematical concepts.