Health & Physical Education, Camps and Swimming

Health and Physical Education

At Sunshine Harvester Primary School, Health and PE is delivered as a Specialist class where students participate once a week. Lessons are targeted and focused on the students' points of need and align with the current Victorian Curriculum. In HPE classes, various activities, sports and games are learned with the purpose of enhancing and developing sports and life skills.

Our Foundation students mainly focus on developing their Fundamental Motor Skills and learning the routines and rules of lessons and games. Personal Health is introduced by exploring families and physical traits such as height.

Students in Years One and Two continue to develop their Fundamental Motor Skills through learning different games and sports with an emphasis on correcting and furthering students' techniques. Sunsmart, Water Safety, Road Safety and Warning Signs and Labels are learned as a part of the Year One and Two Health curriculum.

In Years Three, Four, Five and Six, students are introduced to a wide variety of sports and games. These sports and games continue the refinement of Fundamental Motor Skills and allow for personal and social development of characteristics such as fairness, teamwork and growth mindset, along with increasing fitness, endurance and sports knowledge. As a part of the Health curriculum, students learn, review and discuss various initiatives and safety messages, different community centres and groups that promote health and revisit Sunsmart and Water Safety.

Year Six students partake in various interschool sports as a part of the Sporting Schools Victoria competition. 

The interschool sports learnt in class and played against other local schools are:

  • Australian Rules Football
  • Soccer
  • T-Ball
  • Netball
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Newcomb
  • Cricket
  • Cross Country running
  • Athletics


Students at Sunshine Harvester Primary School have the opportunity to attend overnight camps beginning from Year Two.

In Year Two, the students attend an activities afternoon and evening with the Foundation and Year One students joining them. The Year Two students then stay overnight at the school as their first school camp experience.

Years Three to Six students can attend a three-day, two-night camp in Term Four of each year. These are attended as composite year levels - Years Three and Four attend one camp and Years Five and Six attend another. At these camps, there is an emphasis on using and developing a range of interpersonal and social skills in an unfamiliar setting with a wide range of peers and staff.



The swimming program at Sunshine Harvester Primary School runs during Terms One and Four. The Years 3-6 students attend a daily swimming program for one week in Term One. Each lesson is 45-minutes in length. The students in Years Foundation, One and Two attend their swimming program in Term Four.

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