Music Program


The music program at Sunshine Harvester Primary School is run every Tuesday and includes all students across the school from Foundation through to Year 6.

It is a diverse program that adopts a hands on approach, enabling students to develop musical, literacy and numeracy skills from an early age. The course also includes elements of rhythmic and harmonic theory.

Activities include: Ukulele, singing and choir, world rhythms on a variety of drums, percussion rhythms and skills on various hand instruments, dance, step clap co-ordination, marimba and xylophone to name a few.

Other music group and extra activities include : 'Search for a Star' karaoke competition, rock band and marching band.

Mark Grunden is an engaging teacher who is kept busy teaching at a variety of schools around Melbourne while also maintaining a busy career as a professional drummer, percussionist and event facilitator. (CW Stoneking, Bad Boys Batucada, Tumbarumba, Fiona Boyes, founder and musical director of O’Ziriguidum Escola de Samba, Sol Nation to name a few)